Warning over decline in map skills


Warning over decline in map skills

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Ramblers are getting lost because many no longer have basic map reading skills and rely on smart phones and sat navs, mountain rescuers have warned.

For generations, the most essential piece of kit for any rambler tackling Britain's mountains and moors has been a map. But for modern hikers, it seems, this is no longer the case.

Experts have warned that traditional map-reading skills are now on the decline, with sales of paper charts slumping.

Mountain rescuers and national park wardens say that hikers are increasingly relying instead on electronic navigation devices. This means many are unable to find their way out of difficulty if their equipment fails or is not used correctly.

Ordnance Survey says sales of its paper maps have dropped by 25 per cent since 2005, to 2.1 million last year. Over the same period, mountain rescue incidents in England and Wales have increased by 52 per cent, to 1,054 in 2011.

Ged Feeney, who compiled the figures for Mountain Rescue, which represents emergency response units, said: "The majority of those who get lost do so as a result of being unable to do the basic things with a map and compass."
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