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Updated at: 2021-01-12 05:02

Police criticise ill equipped Rochdale couple rescued from wintry Ingleborough
Post at: 2021-01-12 04:13

Police in the Yorkshire Dales have criticised a couple who had to be rescued from the summit of Ingleborough in wintry conditions on Sunday.

Officers said the two walkers, who had travelled to the area from Rochdale, were incredibly lucky to escape injury

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Blacks and Saxx launch online series to discuss male health and body taboos
Post at: 2021-01-12 05:02

Men’s underwear brand Saxx has teamed up with retailer Blacks Outdoors to tackle traditionally taboo subjects online.

The two companies said A Brief Discussion aims to break down barriers and lessen the stigma surrounding male body image, mental health, sexuality and pressure to be a man

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